Typography is my jam! It is so much my jam that I was strongly considering Masters in Typography. For those who don’t know what typography is, it’s not a specific software but a skill set. Typography is understanding information hierarchy: the relationship between the copy, the image and the negative/white space, and utilizing the best stylization to effectively communication the purpose. All designers use this skill set. It’s not something you can learn over night, but with practice you can be definitely become a guru.

This post showcases text heavy typography, 3 are of books and 1 of articles. Enjoy!


/ Sex and the Single Spine

SexWritten by Dr. Michel Rice, this book illustrates the benefit of introducing sex as a form of therapeutic method to reducing stress and pain in the back. The book was designed to almost look like a magazine, as you can see by pull quotes, different imagery, and full justification.

/ Newsletters

elmThis internal news letter was designed to look like a magazine. It allowed for varied and inconsistent information to be grouped together, provided an ease of flow when reading and provided an opportunity to break away from traditional newsletter templates.

/ Arctic

arcticPart of a curation project on Canadian identity, “Transcending the Arctic” is the catalogue that accompanied the curation. It’s purposely designed to look rustic, aged in reflection of the historical importance of the Canadian fashion in the global economy.

/ Writing Samples

sample.jpgBack to the basics. As part of a portfolio piece (for friend), I wanted to illustrate the dynamism of what type can do for a story and readability*. These samples use the same typeface but the structure and the typography varied.

*Different than legibility. It refers to how flow of the design, how easy is it to read? Though not actually reading, but are your eyes comfortable? Any strains? It is about the organization of content in a consistent manner that allows the reader to review the content with ease.


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