Have I ever told you how much I love developing marketing campaigns? I haven’t?! I LOVE DEVELOPING MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. To me, a successful campaign educates and entertains your customers. Campaigns should be trans-generational. An effective campaign is about developing a long term strategy to create a bond between your brand and your consumers – building a connection and trust – and in sales terms, will aid in generating long term sustainable growth.

/ Gift Card Campaign

This was such a fun campaign to design. Using the tag line, “For All Life’s Celebrations,” it led to the question “What encompasses everything?”. The “…All…”? Since I knew the demographic was primarily females and it was about giving a gift, the concept had to be understood by females of two generations.

GiftCard1.jpgA light bulb went off! A charm bracelet. The charm bracelet represents major moments in a woman’s life (it can be gifted in different charms). For men it’s a bracelet, such as the ones in jewelry ads for women. All roads lead back to women. The women can gift them themselves, the men can gift the women. The final campaign was hand drawn with the final touches completed on Photoshop.

/ Couples CampaignCouples-MAC.jpg

This campaign was truly a team effort. The idea was how to get more couples into the Spa? Of course, like the Tina Fey and Steve Carell movie, it was time for Date Night. Since my joining the team, this was the second campaign (first was gift card – see above) to have all original photography done (no stock was used in the making of the campaign). This way, we had our own photography for all social posts, any pitches we did had original content with original imagery. It was a new age for the brand. Exciting times indeed.

The primary artwork

/ Mother’s DayMothers Poster

New team, new ideas. This campaign was truly multifaceted: a game to help those to choose the perfect gift for mom; radio ads specifically tailored to that demographic; and our overall creative was trans-generational.

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