As I was walking into Indigo I caught a glimpse of this brightly coloured book, “The Happiness Equation”.  Written by Neil Pasricha, the author of the “Book of Awesome” series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Book of Awesome, the Book of EVEN MORE Awesome, and the Book of HOLIDAY Awesome, so I know my awesome.

Pasricha’s The Happiness Equation, like his Awesome series, is quite playful in typography, language and tone. It illustrates how the little things in life can make a large, impactful and meaningful change to your happiness. The book lists 9 secrets to your happiness. Each secret aims to shift your perspective on your wants, what you think makes you happy, your goals, and your perception of self and societal ideals. Each happiness focuses on areas we all think about, but perhaps didn’t take the opportunity to ponder: does doing this make me happy?

Now of course I can’t reveal all the secrets of the book to you, otherwise you’d forget to read it and find new meanings in the book for yourself. My silence is helping you out. Really. But one thing I’ve learned about happiness: no one is going to make you happy except for you.

Don’t make your happiness reactionary.

/ My mistake to Happiness

As a millennial, I tend to forget what happiness is really about. In the past year, I’ve realized how much of my happiness is dependent on external factors, things that are beyond my control: my work environment, promotions, and subconsciously, seeking positive feedback for self assurance. These happiness goals are based on someone else’s perception of me (the external factors). Don’t get me wrong, some of those can be really important, and there can be great satisfaction when those are met. But are meeting those goals and expectations going to bring me true happiness?

Happiness depends on ourselves


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