Starting out as The Bath Bomb (TBB), Bathorium launched in September 2014. I was first brought on to design their TBB logo. After a year of being in business the co-founders, Gregory MacDonald and Mathieu Chabot, realized their market was expanding and it was time for a revamp, thus the birth as Bathorium. The change to the current Bathorium logo had to be an evolving design. We didn’t want to confuse our current customers and new ones. The whole transition took about 6 months to get to the current logo now.


Of course like any business, Bathorium needed collateral. First it was business cards; second, their bomb menu; third, product packaging.


/Brand Consistency

So pivotal to brand is appearance. In order for consumers to recognize our brand, we needed to recognize our brand first. We made sure all the photography was lit and styled exactly the same way, the typography was organized in a similar fashion, and lastly, our language was tonally consistent.

Once the guide was complete we implemented all the changes necessary for tonal and image consistency. The website needed to be updated with current fonts and colours, past posts on social media platforms needed to be edited or deleted, and all printed collateral had to be updated. Bathorium is truly shaping up to be the brand we’ve dreamt of.


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