It was October of 2015, I was sitting at Early Bird cafe with one of my good friends, Amanda. We were discussing the September issue of Vogue and somehow we both agreed to start writing and create a magazine. So let me give you a little back story because it wasn’t completely outside of our talents.

Amanda is a freelance writer and a PR specialist/manager (am I a bad friend because I don’t exactly remember her job title). Currently she has a blog called Not A Model Blog. She is the quintessential writer, from her demeanour to her wardrobe. She speaks concisely and elegantly, and has a quiet and self-assured confidence.

Me? I love typography.

What makes us a solid team is Amanda’s a fantastic writer and (not to toot my own horn too loudly) I’m a very good designer. Together we’d create the greatest story ever experienced!!!…..But, life happens and we haven’t started yet. This brings us back to the title.

The writing challenge (not the title of the magazine) was about writing stories with specific themes and specific word counts. For example, the September issue was going to be about growing apart, where stories are of one word, 5 words, 20 words, 150 words, and so forth. It’s a challenge because how do you write a story with 5 words? It’s a challenge that I will gladly to take on.

I will be the first to say, I am not a writer. I will never claim to be one. If you had read any of my essays in the past, you’d be surprised that I passed English in high school. Even now, you’ve likely caught errors in my posts that I didn’t. But in keeping with the spirit, here’s my first one word story.



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