Mint Accessories is a new Toronto accessories brand. They wanted to update their brand’s look – make it more contemporary – and increase their brand awareness. I was first brought on to create a brand guide. Even though the brand is very young, in its infancy, a guide is still needed to maintain consistency. As with many new brands, I noticed most of the collateral had very different tones and looks. This can confuse their market. This guide is just that: a guide, and must evolve as the brand does.

Accessories are becoming more of an extension of our personalities than ever before. Individualistic and yet subtle, they allow for layers of character to shine through, without even having to speak. How we incorporate these pieces into our style becomes a reflection of our genuine persona.Rachael Gentner, WGSN

For Mint it was very important that we had a typeface to work with. This is one of the simplest ways to ensure tonal consistency. Since I was new to the new brand I needed to quickly figure out the direction the brand was heading without deviating too far from what had already been established.


/ The future direction of Mint

There are a lot of exciting things coming up for Mint. We’re in the middle of a website redesign, prepping a new marketing strategy to be rolled out in the upcoming months, and starting to revamp the tone of the brand. Stay tuned!

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