Over the course of a few years now a lot people have been asking me, “Jiali, you’re a freelancer, why not just call your business by your name?”. I’ve thought of many ways to answer this question. It’s true that many designers that start to freelance go by their given name, but I want to be more than my name. I want to be (as I quote Sex and The City) “Bigger than Big”.

Donna Karan has her initials in her brand, DKNY (maybe I should’ve done JODen?). This an excellent way to infuse her brand with her identity but allowing the brand to be identified beyond the person. Wait, getting off track. Though many freelancers use their name as their brand, I also know that many that have started their own businesses using a different name – bloggers are the best examples. The blog names are usually, Crafty Cat, something within the scope of the target market. What all this is leading to is: Jiali Ou is the designer, but PBDen is the brand.

Bigger than Big.

PBDen is inspired by the culture of design philosophy. I want people to feel comfortable, at home, with me during the design experience. I want to educate, illuminate and make this whole process a little less mysterious, and in the end, come up with something unexpected. The perfect solution to that specific problem.

Also thinking big, in the future, when I (crossing finger emoji) have expanded beyond myself and have started to develop a permanent team, I want people to say “I work for PBDen.” not, “I work for Jiali.”  With PBDen Graphics you get the professional, clean aesthetic of Jiali Ou. With Jiali Ou, well… I’m like everyone else, if I don’t have to leave my apartment, I’m in my pjs all day!

So the psychology behind all of this is a little different and unusual. If you just stay with me with a while longer, you’ll start to understand the difference.

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