We are inundated with so many different social media platforms that we are starting to lose track of their original purpose. I use each platform for a specific reason, however some of the contents will inevitably intersect: my Instagram account being linked to this blog/portfolio. Here’s a rundown of how I utilize each platform:

  1. Linked In has my work experience.
  2. Pinterest has my demo reel – clean versions of all my work (a portfolio if you will, but slightly different from this website – check it out and you’ll understand)
  3. Instagram is for personal use – for the cool stuff
  4. Behance is super new. I mean so new that I have yet to put anything up on it. I’m trying to figure out what the difference is between Behance work and Pinterest work. So this might take a while.

You can also find the links on my side tab.

Using social media to tell your story.

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