The first time I designed for Mad Resilience Films it was a challenge. I’d never done short-film movie posters before (I’ve done collateral pieces for campaigns and retail signage but this was different). Posters are meant to be representative of tone, theme and storyline. It was nerve wracking!

It became less nerve wracking  once I met the director, Mark Datuin. I enjoyed working with him immensely. He was opened to all ideas, not matter how weird or unusual it may seem. On one of the posters, I created custom type to illustrate the film’s peculiar and quirky tone. I stacked the type, and breaking up the word STANDING was a nod to one of the characters (her name was Stan) and using the back of the head implied a sense of coldness. The second is a little off the beat for me. It was a dark comedy and I hope it conveyed it (fingers crossed emoji).




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