series pamphletThis was a fun project. It allowed me to play with paper. Elmwood Spa’s Massage and Facial Series (a program devised to encourage spa goers to pre-purchase their massages and facials for the calendar year for a discounted value) needed a revamp. The objective of this project was to create a dynamic and unconventional way of viewing content. There was clear content structure (i.e. each season for facial series) which of course, must adhere to the brand’s identity.

The first several designs had a more playful nature. Those ideas were great, but wouldn’t be as effective- there wasn’t enough real estate for content- so we put a pin in those (who knows, they might be great for other campaigns or marketing strategies). Unfortunately, I don’t have any images to show you on this design process, but here’s the final design:

When folded, you can see all the seasons (for facial series) or activities (for massage series). When opened or layed flat, you can see that there’s a specific diagonal cut that allows for this type of design to be effective.

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