Writing about branding was/is/remains a huge undertaking! Also what can I add or introduce that isn’t already out there? There were so many different ideas and new terminology I wanted to discuss in reference to branding but it started to get confusing and weird, and not the good kind. So my strategy for discussing brand will be broken up in several blog posts: The Branded Series, specifically geared towards start-up and new business owners. The first of the series will be about an introduction to branding and all the overarching goals and themes. The second series will be about brand guides and brand alter-egos. The third series will be about brand perception and recognition. The fourth will be about branding strategies. And finally, the future of branding. This series will incorporate a bit of marketing and PR and provide clear examples of challenges I faced and how that helped me later on.

I wanted to at least post the introduction today, but guys, it was so difficult writing this piece because there is so much information and I can’t cram it in 300 words. So, every Tuesday, I will release another part in the series, so stay tuned!

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