So the reason for being MIA for the past week is that I’ve actually picked up couple of  new clients and have been rolling full steam ahead ever since. I want to tease you a bit, so you don’t forget me. This post is a preview of the work I’ve been doing for Stray & Wander.

Stray & Wander is an ecologically driven fashion brand with focus on fair-trade and hand-made pieces from up-cycled antique textiles. So here’s sneak peak of the Capsule collection. The Capsule collections are the one-of-a-kind pieces, and I mean that literally. If it sells out, that’s it. There’s no duplicates or mass running production. I hope you like it. For more details check out the Instagram page, the website is still a working process.

Also, I’m heading over to Guatemala for a sourcing and photography trip for this company, so you’ll definitely have a lot to look forward to! Stay tuned!



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