I’m short with weird curves (if you can call it that) and very normal in every other way. There’s nothing wrong. What’s suprising to me is that during my trip to Guatemala, I became an unexpected model. So here’s the back story.

I’ve previously mentioned that I was going to Guatemala for a sourcing trip for stray and wander, a brand that sources and curates ethical products from around the globe. This trip was for landscape/ documentary photography and buying. We had limited luggage, meaning, we had to fit everything in our back packs because everything else that we purchased had to go into the suit cases. So with limited luggage space, it meant, I brought no cute stylish outfit and no make up. As Tim Gunn said, “Make it work”.

/ Making it work.

And boy did we ever. It was fortuitous on this trip that we had another photographer travelling with us. He photographed and I styled myself with just one outfit, hopefully making it look like it was three. It was really fun, and really showed how resourceful we can be.

Cojoyla pouches from Guatemala

hand beaded bracelets  from Guatemala


This trip has taught me how to be quick on my feet, how to be resourceful and most importantly, always bring another photographer with you!

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