I recently (well almost three months ago) picked up a new client who owns two businesses. One is for Stray & Wander, and the other is an unisex brand of jewelry, Hazel Black.

The first thing we needed to do in a revamp is to update the photography, the product book and any printed collateral (large banners and retail signage). Here are just a few fruits from our labour. Check out the instagram @hazelblack_to for more photos.

The next big step was the website. It’s not a complete redesign, as I said, it’s a revamp. The website didn’t go from night to day, but it is cleaner, much more user friendly (especially for mobile shoppers), and more socially integrated such as having a rating for each product and live feed of social media activities. Click here to check out the new website. I wish I screen capped the old site for you guys for comparison but check it out and let me know what I can do to improve the experience.

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