In June, there was a communion that I was invited. The mother, Nancy, wanted me to take photographs and create a present from those selections of photos. The first thought was I’d make a magazine-style book about Rachel, Nancy’s daughter, and her life. We’d get the family involved, but sadly, they took too long to reply and we couldn’t get enough content done on time. So onto plan b.

In the mockup for the magazine, I had specifically created spaces for “advertisements.” Why the quote you say? It’s mocked advertisement that I’d create from the photos. The idea was already there in my face. I would make large scale posters of these advertisements. This project was so fun, and it reminded me why I enjoyed graphic design.* Without further ado, here are the posters. Enjoy!

posters of fake advertisementsposter-1-nancy2poster-1-nancy3


*That comment needed asterisk because lately, I’ve been feeling a little rundown by “design.” I’ve been doing a lot of back and forth edits, and anyone will understand how tedious that could be, especially copy edits. So for about a month, it was just edits of the designs, and I was starting to get tired of that pretty quickly. But I’m all good now! 🙂

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