As you might (or might not know), I’m Bathorium’s designer. What you are about to see took us over a year to conceptualize, to develop and it’s finally here.

C·R·U·S·H is Bathorium’s twist on the bath bomb. C·R·U·S·H was a happy mistake. The early days of Bathorium, one of the bath bomb orders arrived completed smashed and well, crushed. That’s when we realized that we can put a twist in the traditional concept of bath bombs and bath soaks. C·R·U·S·H is not simply a crushed bath bomb. The formulation is tweaked to give you a bath bomb-like fizzing experience but more. Also this time around, all the ingredients are fair trade and all natural. The rule was: if you can’t sound it out, it’s not going in.

C·R·U·S·H was launched in mid-September. This was the most satisfying design opportunity for me. From beginning to end, it was fun and challenging.  I am very grateful for creating designs that I think will not only sell but falls in line with the brand’s atheistic and tone.

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