This past week, someone asked me to do an infograph, just to see what I can offer as a designer. I thought, this was a great time for me update my CV. In the past years, when I’ve looked for more traditional graphic design roles, my CV was actually closer to an infograph than your traditional CV. Check out the before and after!

This was specifically designed to be viewed on the screen. You can see that I tried to fit a little too much information on a single page and it relied on a cover page because as you can see, there’s no contact info or education details. On a side note, totally missed wrote 2016 instead of 2015. Oops!

CV designed to look like an infographic chart


What you’re about to see was the idea of “let’s forget about page size and traditional rules of print”, and I just went for it!

2016 CV that's almost provides a yellow brick road method of moving the eye


And now here’s another one for fun!


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