Can you believe how many photos I’ve taken this year? Especially as a graphic designer.

Photography is not the first technical skilled I learned, and in many ways, I’m still learning. I’m okay at studio lighting, I mean I get the gist, but am I  Norman Jean Roy or Annie Leibovitz? Not even close. But I’m great editor.

When people hire me as a photographer, I always give them a heads up: I’m a designer first, and a photographer second. Now this sounds really weird, and it’s counterintuitive to many photographers. I shoot based on how I can edit the photo to the best of my abilities and how it’s utilized in different collaterals and campaigns.

At this point, I don’t have enough confidence to show you the raw files, because they’re unfinished. It’s like asking any artist to show you their first draft of their script or rough draft of a sketch, it’s unfinished and I only want you to see the amazingness that I am. Maybe in time, I will be more secure (not with my skills but imperfections) to reveal the raws, but not today. Today I will be showing you a hodgepodge of different photos from different brands.


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