Anytime I design for a start-up I will reiterate to my clients that their first logo is not their final logo. It must evolve. Just like your products and/or services evolve, your customers evolve, your industry evolves, so to should your brand. Your brand should reflect the evolution of time and change. Even Nike evolved!

This project has been in the works for over a year now. The first step of evolution started in the beginning of November ’16, then the holidays happened, and now we’re here, a little delayed.


Sudsatorium started about 3-4 years ago. John, the owner, has sensitive skin and found it really difficult to use any commercially made products, whether for hair or skin. What started out as creating products for himself has expanded to over 10 product lines ranging from lip tints, to toner water, for all different skin types. All the products are locally sourced, organic, fair trade and vegan-friendly. It sounds like I’m selling his brand, and in truth, yeah a little bit, but I really love his products!

Sudsatorium already has an established base of loyal followers and I wanted to honour his customers as well as the evolution of the brand.

/The first step

With any brand refresh, we started off with a logo redesign. His current one was different… He created this just because he needed one on a whim, and he mentioned to me that there was no personal tie to any of the elements on there. So we scrapped it and started fresh.

Sudsatorium's Original Logo
Sudsatorium’s Original Logo. As you can tell, there’s no specific or defining elements.

The first series of sketches that I pitched was a hodge-podge of everything, as is usually the case. This hodge-podge system allows me to understand the design aesthetic of my customer based on their responses. When we started to refine the design, we solidified the concept of suds/bubbles that you get when you lather.

Sudsatorium initial sketches
Sudsatorium initial sketches. As you can tell, there were many different tones.

We ultimately landed on a design that reflected the masculine nature of the original logo, but it was bubblier and more relaxed.


Sudsatorium's new logo redesign. It looks like a soap bubble with
Sudsatorium’s new logo redesign

/The Second Step

The natural next step is product packaging. We went through many iterations for this. At first, I started out holding true to the original design, but quickly realized it didn’t work. That’s when I started to really push type into another direction that was not the norm, and I think we came up with a happy medium.

There are no images to show you because I’d be presenting you with something just technical and I prefer you seeing these in the context of the product.

We’re just about to start shooting all the products and banner images for the site. So stay tuned! I’m not going to lie, that will take about a month.

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