This is actually my first time shooting at McEwan Grocery and first time shooting behind behind the scenes (i.e in the kitchen). I must say Chef Keis was the calming, chillest chef I’ve ever worked with. So much so that he allowed us to arrange and rearrange his station! That’s unheard of!

This behind-the-scene behind-the-scenes was to focus on prepping for the McEwan Grocery. They have fresh, daily made hot items, and DAAAAAAMMMMM do they look good. I never eat on the job, and this was one of those times where I could’ve been tempted to.

Without further ado, here they are. You’ll noticed a lot of these photos are in the kitchen. JM did shot a lot of me everywhere! In the kitchen (of course), in the market, in the seating area and outside, but I thought these ones were the most interesting to look at.




#Sorrynotsorry for touching up these images. I thought the images for behind-the-scenes should be raw. And also a part of me doesn’t really want to especially when I’m about to edit 35-40 images.

Lastly, I didn’t do this in my previous behind the scene post with Bathorium but this time, I’d thought I show you how I shot it and how the final product looks. I’m still figuring out my set up for behind-the-scenes.



It’s not always a big set up and a staff of twenty helping out, sometimes, you just need clean figure nails!

As always, if there’s something that you’d like to see, give me a shout and I’ll try my best to show you!



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