What A Year

Holy Sh*t! What can I say about 2017!!

It has been such a wonderful year. It’s been soooo wonderful that I’ve neglected updating my site.

From launching Sudsatorium’s new branding (link) to getting new clients like the McEwan Group and Tease Tea, 2017 has been the year of experimentation, new experiences, and learned more about my design aesthetic and who I am as a designer as a whole. Here’s the year’s recap (in no specific order):

no. 1   Sud’s Life

Sudsatorium’s new brand update has been positively reviewed and we’re working towards refining the brand and updating the collection.

no. 2   McEwan Foods

Hazelton 2017 Holiday Drink

McEwan Group, they’ve definitely kept me on my toes and busy. They’ve really trusted me as a designer and photographer and I truly thank them for that! Also, I’ll have their winter delish goodness dishes for you soon!

no. 3   Don’t be such a Tease

Tease Tea - Tea Tin + Tea leaf diffuser

Tease Tea – which I will be posting about in the next few days – wanted their branding to stand out more and they contacted me to design their tea tin and tea pouches packaging. This one is really exciting. I’ll be posting process work and the final version, and spoiler alert (and tooting my own horn), they came out amazingly!

no. 4   Woof Woof

Animals Matter Logo

Picked up a new client, who may I say are the best! No kidding, the best: Animals Matter. I came on as their Creative Director and got started on their brand and developing their marketing strategy. So much has happened! They are the primarily reason why I haven’t been updating the site.

no. 5   Bath Time

Bathorium Elixir bottles

Lastly, Bathorium, this brand has really transformed. Not only have been launch of another CRUSH, we’ve also launched ELIXIRS, the bubble bath.

And I’ve only listed 5 Brands! I’ve worked with over 10 brands this year! Can you believe it?

2018 is going to be even bigger and better! For one, I’ve expanded! I now have a team for content management and development. And two, means that I’ll be rebranding (I’ll have more update after Q1- can’t give away too many secrets).

Cheers to an amazing 2017 and to an even better 2018!



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