It has been a super busy year for Bathorium. Where do we begin? We launched a new bath bomb, Boreal Fog early in the year. Then we launched a new line, Little Charlie (Crush for babies), followed Konjac sea sponge, and we just finished photography for Apres Bath Tea (we’re also launching another line called Apres Bath, so stay tuned for that!). So if you didn’t read all that, that’s 4 new products and it’s only June.

Then with any new line launch, there’s photography and additional collateral. We did a photo in Prince Edward County in February. It was such a blast and so freakin cute! Then a month later, shot for Little Charlie. And just a teaser, we’re heading back to Prince Edward County for a male shoot (eyebrow raising emoji!). So yea, there’s a lot happening for this year.

As always, curious about what I do, what my partner and I do holler at us if you have any questions! I don’t have a sign offline, so byeeeeeeeeee!


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