Thank you so much for taking your time to view my work. So a few thing about me:

  • A graphic designer that does everything. I mean everything! From such glamourous things like product packaging design and branding, to unglamourous things like sales sheets and presentations.
  • A photographer for food, products, and lifestyle with very minimal aesthetic, but that’s changing and growing based on the demands of the customers.
  • My area of expertise is in start-ups and small businesses where they need help on cohesion, consistency, and a clear brand direction.

Why you might consider hiring me:

  1. Not to overly toot my own horn, I’m very good at what I do. Toot, toot!
  2. I want to help you grow and develop. Again, not to sound too egotistic, if you look good, I look good.
  3. I love what I do. While most people spend their lives searching for the thing they’re meant to do, I’ve found it. And I want to share that joy with people who are on their way to finding their bliss.

I want to thank you for taking your time to my posts and getting to know a little more about me. And I hope, in the near future, I can learn a little about you.