2017 Thank You!

What A Year Holy Sh*t! What can I say about 2017!! It has been such a wonderful year. It’s been soooo wonderful that I’ve neglected updating my site. From launching Sudsatorium’s new branding (link) to getting new clients like the McEwan Group and Tease Tea, 2017 has been the year of experimentation, new experiences, and […]

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The Paperwork

This was a fun project. It allowed me to play with paper. Elmwood Spa’s Massage and Facial Series (a program devised to encourage spa goers to pre-purchase their massages and facials for the calendar year for a discounted value) needed a revamp. The objective of this project was to create a dynamic and unconventional way […]

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The Classic Club

Dior, New Look, 1947. It was revolutionary. It is a classic. Then I began to wonder, what makes something classic?  In fashion we love the word classic. It’s thrown around so often that it’s now synonymous with chic and timeless pieces. But how do we decide what’s classic? We use terms like the classics or […]

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