We All Must Evolve

Anytime I design for a start-up I will reiterate to my clients that their first logo is not their final logo. It must evolve. Just like your products and/or services evolve, your customers evolve, your industry evolves, so to should your brand. Your brand should reflect the evolution of time and change. Even Nike evolved! This project has been in […]

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If A Photo Is A Thousand Words

So here’s 5 thousand words from Toronto’s Hazelton Hotel’s social media shoot. Now I have about 50 photos done in two day, 8 hour session, but I’d like for my clients to post first before I do, this way they have exclusive, new content.   In August, The Hazelton Hotel started to revamp their brand and the next […]

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C·R·U·S·Hing It!

As you might (or might not know), I’m Bathorium’s designer. What you are about to see took us over a year to conceptualize, to develop and it’s finally here. C·R·U·S·H is Bathorium’s twist on the bath bomb. C·R·U·S·H was a happy mistake. The early days of Bathorium, one of the bath bomb orders arrived completed smashed and well, crushed. That’s when […]

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