Revamp + Recap

I recently (well almost three months ago) picked up a new client who owns two businesses. One is for Stray & Wander, and the other is an unisex brand of jewelry, Hazel Black. The first thing we needed to do in a revamp is to update the photography, the product book and any printed collateral (large […]

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Looking back at the work from when I first started until now, I’ve definitely grown as a designer. I’m technically more adept and have a more confident creative voice. Here are a few logos I’ve done in the past. Now I am missing quite a handful, but as many designers will know, looking through your […]

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The Paperwork

This was a fun project. It allowed me to play with paper. Elmwood Spa’s Massage and Facial Series (a program devised to encourage spa goers to pre-purchase their massages and facials for the calendar year for a discounted value) needed a revamp. The objective of this project was to create a dynamic and unconventional way […]

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The Black Sheep

Oh man. What you’re about to see brings back some serious memories. These photos were shot during my second year at Ryerson University. That was about 5 years ago now. This spread is called “The Black Sheep of the Aristocratic Family.” It was shot by yours truly, styled by Kate O’Reilly (one of my classmates), and […]

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Short and Sweet

The first time I designed for Mad Resilience Films it was a challenge. I’d never done short-film movie posters before (I’ve done collateral pieces for campaigns and retail signage but this was different). Posters are meant to be representative of tone, theme and storyline. It was nerve wracking! It became less nerve wracking  once I met the […]

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Newly Minted

Mint Accessories is a new Toronto accessories brand. They wanted to update their brand’s look – make it more contemporary – and increase their brand awareness. I was first brought on to create a brand guide. Even though the brand is very young, in its infancy, a guide is still needed to maintain consistency. As with many […]

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Hot Tub

Starting out as The Bath Bomb (TBB), Bathorium launched in September 2014. I was first brought on to design their TBB logo. After a year of being in business the co-founders, Gregory MacDonald and Mathieu Chabot, realized their market was expanding and it was time for a revamp, thus the birth as Bathorium. The change to […]

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