While most businesses are struggling, Bathorium is having one of their most successful years! Who would’ve thought that many people are taking tons of bath during quarantine.

Just after Toronto entered phase 3 on the economy restart, the Bathorium team booked a photoshoot in Les Germaine in Ottawa. It was a quick and dirty shoot – in and out in less than 4 hours.

Little Charlie Updates – Bathorium has expanded Little Charlie to bubble baths. It’s all the goodness of Little Charlie Bath Soak but with more bubble fun.

NEW: MILK Bath, creamy luxuriant milks to soften that winter blues.

New products too! The charcoal konjac sponge now has a partner, the exfoliating walnut sponge. You might worried that there’s walnut, but I can assure you, it’s very soft, if I have one criticism, it’s not rough enough. Bathorium brought back Pomelo for a limited time. And finally, to continue your Bathorium experience, Après Bath was created to sip on a warm cuppa tea before you snooze.

2020 didn’t slow down Bathorium, and there’s no slowing down in site!

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