Every time I get an opportunity to work with new clients, I get super excited about it! I love learning about their brand, their story, and why they love what they do. That inspires me so much!

Animals Matter® is exactly that brand that I just love working with. They’re excited to try anything new, ready to test and see what works and what doesn’t, and they have four pit bulls! And to boot, a percentage of their sales goes to grassroots project, such as Dogs Playing For Life, that helps dogs and their needs.

For the past year, I’ve been lucky to be part of the brand design change. It’s transformed from a static, e-commerce page, to a fully vibrant brand that reaches customers through multiple platforms now.


They love the simplicity of my photography aesthetics and they let me run with it. Below are nose and paw balms. I’ll be going back to California to do a Holiday and content shoot for Q4 and Q1-2019, so that’s super exciting! Stay tuned for that.

Also, who doesn’t want to spend 7 days shoot dogs. Their pit bulls are the sweetness!


Yup. I do that now. It’s fun, challenging, and sometimes frustrating but, it’s so worth it! The videos we do ranges from stop-motion to 2 minute behind the scenes about Animals Matter. Come back around during the holiday season, that campaign will definitely put a smile on your face, if the dog hasn’t already.

**This video you’re about to see was specifically designed for Instagram and FB, so sorry about to the two black bars**


As part of my expanding repertoire, I work with content writers to develop monthly social media content, blog posts, email marketing strategy and website development strategy. Our media consumption has really changed how we’ve developed content and we want to make sure we honour their existing customers while trying to reach new ones.

Click here to see what one of our emails look like. I am not copy and pasting an email on here when there’s animation. Enjoy!

I wish I can show you everything but sometimes, it’s just too time consuming to post everything on here. So… if you’re curious, check out animalsmatter.com and sign up for their newsletter to see what we’re up to. I should plug myself here too shouldn’t I? If you like what you saw or read, sign up for my newsletter.

xo J

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