A few weeks ago, I posted a behind the scene with Bathorium and I am finally here to post the finished work.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I usually don’t like posting my clients work until they’ve released it until a long enough time has passed. So here’s all the hard work!

The first thing you’ll see is a quick behind the scene video. Should I’ve put it in the behind scene part? Maybe, but this one took a lot of editing, so I’ll put it here. 😝


This time around, we had 3 models: two females and one male. This was such an amazingly fun photoshoot. The models were great to work with and everyone was very comfortable around each other. As you can tell, there was a lack of clothes, so it was really important that  we didn’t make they feel self conscious around us (the team). However, by the second frame, it felt like we’ve been working together for ages!

Below are just a few of the images from the photo shoot, we have over 40 great frames, and well, I can’t reveal too much. I got to keep you coming back for more.

So let me how you feel about it.

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