Another year, another wedding. So recently I started to really consider entering the wedding market. Two reasons that prevented me from doing so: 1) Too much stake 2)Just didn’t want to. Now, I’m starting to wrap my head around doing it. This is my second time shooting engagement photos and it was a lot of fun!

Just like the previous couple, Beth and Colin were totally up for doing anything! We went to Trillium Park that provided a wonderful skyline backdrop of Toronto. They spun until they were dizzy, kissed until their lips were chapped, and hugged until they can no longer than the heat. I think these photos came out AMAZING! They look so natural, happy, and in love.

Here’s a few things I learned on this session:

  • If it’s thick of summer, do it 2 hours before sunset, but you really only have about 1.5 hours of light, so work fast!
  • We brought a giant diffuser and it was the most helpful thing. It helped diffuse the intense sun and was a great fan to combat the stale air.
  • Change of clothes, the sweats!
  • Botting paper, NOT translucent powder.
  • Water, water, water!

This was such a great learning experience and I truly hope we get to do more engagement/wedding photos soon!

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