Engagement Photos – Erica & Safe

This was my first time shooting engagement photos and Erica and Safe were a dream to work with! They were engaging, will to take risks, and were down to try weird things. These are the experiences a photographer seeks.

These photos were taken in late October and boy was it cold! Erica and Safe were troopers, especially when they opted for sans-jacket. They were super fun to direct and went for it every time! For example, the last shot where Safe hugged Erica from behind, it was a shot were Safe had to unpredictably run behind Erica and grab her so we can get an authentic shot, he did that 12 times! And I think that really paid off!

I wish there were more insights for you, but the truth is, lighting and subjects play a huge role in how successful the phots are. Always have your finger at the shutter, even the out of focus image is really sweet (second image).

I hope I get to go on more experiences like these because it’s always a joy to be part of a couples wedding journey.

On a side note. So sorry for the long over due posts. Just life… But that’s terrible excuse, so I will try to post more! xx J

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