If you’ve never shot animals better, one obvious tip, make sure you have lot of treats!

Shooting animals is an experience that’s difficult to explain. A lot of the times, when I like a frame, I’ll say, “Yes, more like that” or “Keeping going, it’s looking great!” But the dogs doesn’t get it and don’t care, and immediately do something else. This carelessness often results in great shot we can’t prepare for! Like the first one below (two dogs fighting over the same treat).

What I’ve learned from shooting with animals is, your shoot time window is small, roughly about 25 minutes. We shots these on two different days with a lot of treats.

Product shots.

Most of my product shots are done during the day (preferably overcast) however mother nature may not always agree. There isn’t really any tricks to these, literally two foam boards. One foam board is the base, and the other is cut in half. The cut half stands up like an open open book so one half is the white background and the other is a light bounce. This might sound confusing, so I’ve made a metal note to show before and after for the next time.

You’re probably thinking, Jiali when the two boards meet there’s a line, how did you get rid of that? Just like instagram models, I too photoshop.

Finally an actual useful tip: the image where all the soaps are laying out flat, and it looks like there are 9 of them in the shot, I shot each soap individual (there are really only 3). There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to do so:
1. Aligning the product is much easier in photoshop than by eye.
2. It’s easier to clean each soap, then place it on a white background (but same can be applied to colour background, just a few additional steps).
3. You can mix this type of shot with other overheads you’ve done previously, so it’s not a single use shot.

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